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I'm a girl from 1992 living in Denmark, that loves to creativity and logic in everything I do^_^ I love to be creative with my hands, but then I also like electronics(for planning, games, decorating, moies-of wich I have a huge collection) and recently I started to learn Japanese, HTML5 & CSS3 coding, Write a book on ADD, Build a website for those with ADDetc. I then teach my experience to others who might be interested... I love teacing! ^_^

But the most important thing in my life is the Bible. I'm one of Jehovah's Witnesses(I was baptised in spring 2014) and that makes me more happy than anything! To put my life in Gods hands i s a privilege. Knowing that he is the creator of life and everything else. Just take a look at nature and you will see his love, wisdom and power. It makes me feel so little and so lucky to be used for he's purposes.. I can't wait to be in a perfect world with no sorrow, death, fear or stress, with no time limits and to see my lost family members again here on earth^_^ I never feel alone because I know I have my best friend(Jehovah) around always and everywere. Ther's nothing I can't share with him and nothing he doesn't know already. As long as I am there for him, he will be there for me.

John 3:16: "For God loved the world so much that he gave his onlybegotten Son, so that everyone exercising faith in him might not be destroyed but have everlasting life."

Me and ADD (& Asperger) in a Nutshell...

My biggest problem is that my mind doesn't care what is important, it only care's about what is interesting. I can think to myself that it is really important to get that milk into the out to the fridge, but my body won't budge and I end up watching that youtube video finish first. I can't get that milk to the fridge before it is REALLY important, because it has been standing there for at least an hour.. And then I can FORCE myself to get up and move that milk! It sound's kind of silly(even to me) but that's my life:| This is just an example, that shows how a small problem can become HUGE. Here's a row of normal Important daily tasks that (Always) becomes Obstacles/Problems for me..

  • Washing the Dishes
  • Washing Clothes
  • Making Food
  • Clean up(things everywhere)
  • Taking a Shower
  • Going to Bed
  • Waking up

You might think that those are pretty common, but just multiply the normal difficulty with a hundred or something like that and then you might have an idea how I feel about doing those things.

But then my perfection and "Superfocus" comes to play...

Once I get started... I can't stop 0_o
Once I succeed to focus, it's almost impossible to unfocus! It has kept mee from eating and sleeping(for whole day and night) at worst. Here's what normaly happens:

Washing the dishes:

Happens once a week(give or take a bit) or when in a mood that makes me feel like it(rarely).

Washing Clothes:

Um.. time-frame too embarrassing, I even reuse the clothes again till I see spots or smell something.

Making food:

When I've been really hungry for some time and I begin to think that I REALLY should eat something for my poor bodys sake.(I'm actually pretty hungry right now, but I keep writing:P )

Clean up:

I don't know why, but I just can't stop making a mess.. and I hate mess o_o(the irony:o ). This normally only gets done when someone is coming to visit, but then I FLY about. And suddenly I'm very good at cleaning, but can't stop again till I hear the doorbell.(It ca never be too perfect;) ). So whenever I need cleaning.. I just invite someone, and BOY it's clean afterwards:D.

Taking a shower:

I always hated to shower! Even though I love it too much, once I'm there.. so once a week I really need to shower for others sake. And I plan to do a quick 15 min. shower, but end up taking a 60 min. shower. I just can't stop!

Going to bed & getting up again:

Those are probably the HARDEST thing EVER! NOT ONCE in my life have I succeeded in those two things on my own(without a pill or a call on the phone). When I suddenly came on time one day(Maby 2-3 times a year). people would outbust: "hi Tanja! :D" In total amazement. And me al shy by the attention from the whole room:*).

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