My Education/Progress so far...

  • 0. to 9th grade with 4 years of artschool on the side in my freetime.
  • 10th grade on another school with creativity as the subject.
  • ½ year in "Holte Textil Skole" (Holte Textile School) - Learning how to Design clothes, from getting the idea, to drawing it, to measure, to making the pattern and last.. sewing it.
  • Then I stopped school and started cleaning stairs for my fathers company.
  • And then I couldn't handle it anymore, got fired, moved to live on my own and started at psychiatrist where I got the diagnose "Quiet ADD(ADHD without the H(Hyper)" (My mom got the same diagnose shortly before me, which gave me a hint)
  • Trying to find the right job for me(education if necessary)
  • Participated in a course about: Motivation, confidence, reaching your goals, to be a good team player, be able to stand forward, how to make your brain your best friend, finding your strengths and development areas.

It was 6 sessions of 4 hours in one month. And I was pleasantly surprised! The first session I raised my hand and talked more in that 4 hours, than ever before:D...


yesterday it was 2. last session at the course.

We was given an assignment for tomorrow... to make a presentation like a poster with cutouts of photo and stuff. witch I wasn't werry happy about but then we also got the option of making a video about our 1-year goal. And so I used 8 hours yesterday till it was 2o 2 o'clock in the morning. And made the final chances today... It will be shown tomorrow at our last session. I've uploaded the video here below and also made an english version..

/\ Danish version /\

  • I went to Frederiksberg Højskole (Folk high school) for one year, where I was in the creative class and did nothing else but being creative... wonderful!
  • In the meantime I got baptised as a Jehovah's Witness... makes me sooo happy!!! :D :D :D
  • Now I'm in 'Activation' in a 'sewing workshop' where we sew mostly pillows of different design but also toiletry bags, shoulder bags and owl & elephant pillows for kids... which is all sold in a very small shop at the entrance.. I love it! actually it made me realize that I would love to be a sewing/creative teacher for adults:D
  • In the meantime I've continued with the psychiatrist, and got the Asperger Diagnosis to... I'm happy about this, since this will give me a chance to get some real help while in education... there's not much help to get with ADD
  • I've finally given in to ADHD medicine(Ritalin) I had no more idea's as to how to get up in the morning... and believe it or not.. First day on Ritalin I came on schedule for first time in years:D :D :D :D

Next step would then be to get an internship at a company, where I can slowly start to work more hours a week. In this 'Sewing workshop' it's not possible to work more than 25 hours a week and to start an education would require more, so I need somewhere to uncover how many hours I can handle... if 'normal' education is even possible.x)


  • After a rough time with lot's of up's and down's, I went up in dose of Ritalin to 20 mg(started at 10 mg). After some time the Ritalin stopped working, but instead of just falling back to how i was before.. I went to being worse than before:( The pill let me experience how it was to have things work out. But then when it stopped working, I was no longer used to things not working out. And so I went down psychologically. Therefore I went up in dose to make it work again.. And somewhat it did work. I came back up and weren't sad anymore. But it was almost as if it just got me back to normal without helping better, like the first pill. The only difference from my 'normal' state, was that I had lost my wild thoughts and feelings! Resulting in me being in a state where I felt 'numb'. I started having moments where I "couldn't" do anything but 'stare' and 'stay still'. Because I've been living all my life with a 'wild' mind, I felt so empty without it. And that made me decide to go up to 30 mg(witch is a normal 'general' dose of Ritalin). 1 hour after I took my 30 mg pill, My heart started pumping like crazy and I thought to myself: "I have to do something important right now!" So if I take this pill about 1 hour before I have to get up, then I get up! :D But now I have another problem... Ritalin make appetite go away! I've already gone down on the quantity of food that I eat. But now that I get the stronger dose.. I have no appetite at all! I'm very hungry, but the thought of food make me nausea:( At the same time I had a hard time falling a sleep, because of the heart-pumping thing.. So no eating + no sleeping? yeah..= no energy! I ate everything that I could think of swallowing..: sweets(but couldn't enjoy). ...After a week or so, there was an evening were I suddenly felt like eating. And of cause I Quickly cooked up a meal! It tasted soo good! I couldn't eat much, but I could eat! :D since then(about 4 days ago) I've been able to eat one small proper meal a day(In the evening). until then..Sweets. But it is not enough in the sense of energy.. So I became able to sleep 'a lot'! I sleep about 12 hours at the time to make up for the missing food.. But because I didn't get to bed early enough, that meant missing out on the 'activation' that I should attend. I've been thinking about sleeping on my balcony lately.. And last night I took the jump! So I got to bed 12 o'clock and woke about 12 o'clock.. I'm thinking that this is my new attempt to get to bed earlier:) Because when I think of going to bed on the balcony, in the fresh air, looking at the stars... I almost crave to get out there! I love it! And that of cause makes it easier to do!
  • Next project... eating enough,= to have energy enough,= to be able to sleep less,= so I can get up early enough(with energy),= to attend My 'Activation'
  • In the meantime I've been accepted to attend a new 'Project' called "Projekt Mening og Mestring(Project Meaning and Coping)" Witch is being done in 4 cities in Denmark: Aalborg, Esbjerg, Frederiksberg and Odsherred. Being performed by 9 Handicap-Organizations that specialize in:
    1. ADHD
    2. Epilepsy
    3. Brain damage
    4. Concussions
    5. Autism
    6. Slow developed
    7. Muscular dystrophy
    8. Muscular dystrophy
    9. Parkinsonism
    10. Spastics
    I was hoping for the ADHD, but got the Autism part instead. But now I'm actually happy that I got the Autism part! You might think WHY Autism? ..You might have read earlier in my text that I'm also Asperger. Well Asperger is a form of Autism. And for some time I have been hoping to talk to someone who knows about Asperger. So this is a very good opportunity for me to learn more about how to handle the Asperger part of my struggles. I'm so exited about this. And are hoping to be able to start an internship after this... At the moment, I'm thinking at a 'Plant Nursery' :)

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