T-Craft Realistic 64x64 - 1.17... 50% finished

This is my first Texture Pack...

It's made by editing real photos with a program called "Gimp". It's a slow but secure process, since I don't feel like making it very often, but when I do.. I'm all about perfection(and mostly use all day). :)

Please tell me(in the comments bellow) what you think, and let me know if you see any faults(I'll do my best to correct them!)

Any ideas are welcome^_^

Credit for the water texture goes to Scuttles and he's texturepack: lb-photo-realism-pack-256x256

2/8-2021 - Small but significant update:
* repaired/improved:
Doors now match the new wood-colors!
24/7-2021 - Big 'Nether' update:
* Added:
-fixed the netherbrick and added red netherbrick
-cracked and chiseled netherbrick
-stopped netherrack from rotating
-improved obsidian
-crying obsidian
-improved glowstone
-nether gold ore
-all deepslate Blocks
-ancient debris
-nether wart block
-warped wart block
-soul soil
-repaired sand and stopped it rotating
-warped nylium
-crimson nylium
-nether portal
-nether wart, sprouts, armor - synchronize wart
-shield, including patterns
-warped fungus
-crimson fungus
-warped door - item
-warped trapdoor - floating pixel
-warped roots
-crimson roots
-crimson door - item
-crimson trapdoor
-twisting vines
-weeping vines
-hanging roots
-rooted dirt
-glow litchen
all copper
Deepslate ores - coal middle top right part weird, iron top right part weird
raw gold block
raw iron block
banner base
shulker shell/box - item
shulker spark
sweet berry bush - floating pixels
Amethyst - match with shard(item)
Soul campfire+
* Items Added:
-nether scrap, tools,sword,
-nether brick item
-nether star
-flint and steel
-nether wart
blaze powder
blaze Rod
magma cream
Soul lantern+
Campfire item+
Glowing item frame+
Redstone dust+
Redstone repeater and comparator item+

spruce sapling
Magma block
book on enchanted table is back
blue orchid
crimson stem - less pixelated
warped stem - match edge of end - check
cocoa beans
all logs
all planks
dirt edges removed also in background - snow and podzol missing - check
greatly improved leaves!!
22/6-2021 - Big 'End' update:
* Added
-wither rose
-Lily of the valley
-Sea pickle
-Menu Panorama
-Warped & Crimson wood
-Stripped logs
-Path dirt
-Lock on chest

*Trapdoors and Doors fixed when open
* Items added
-Brewing stand
-Ender pearl
-Clay ball
-Snow bucket
-wheat seeds
-Raw gold, Gold ingot, Gold nugget
-Raw iron, Iron ingot, Iron nugget
-Raw copper, Copper ingot
-Amethyst shard
-Nether quartz

Version 1.12:

new'er review by RockerBuck

Version 1.7.4:

older review made by Pine ThreeG

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